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News & Events / How good is your cryo-storage vial?

How good is your cryo-storage vial?

How good is your cryo-storage vial?

We know the Cryovial® has the edge! Compare your storage vial and see if it is up to our Cryovial standards!


  • Polypropylene cap & vial: Ensures a lasting seal and caps will never ‘pop off’
  • Leakproof: 1¼-turn screwcap with silicone seal protects valuable samples
  • Thick vial walls: Make Cryovial® virtually unbreakable!
  • Rounded internal bottom: Ensures minimum internal holdup of sample
  • Large marking area: Increases in size as your vial gets bigger!
  • High chemical resistance: By using inert virgin polypropylene
  • Round & locking bases: Ultimate choice suits every rack system
  • Internal or external-threaded tubes: Compatible with most cryo-storage systems
  • Colour coding: Optional cap inserts aid sample identification (7 colours available)
  • Convenient: Packaged in unique re-sealable safety lock bags
  • Certified DNase, RNase, Pyrogen & DNA-free: For contamination-free storage
  • Range: 1.2ml, 2ml, 4ml or 5ml volume Cryovials available and in stock!

Check out our full Cryovial range online here

Request a sample online via our product shopping basket, by using our online contact form, calling us on 01256 811118 or email your request to [email protected].  Or if you prefer the personal touch, request an appointment with one of our experienced sales representatives who will be happy to help.