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Elkay offer more than just precision plastic consumables! We also have several well-established product related services to offer our customers.

Pettecheck Pipette Servicing and Calibration

Since 2002 we have been servicing and calibrating pipettes across the UK at competitive prices. For more details, please go to our Pettecheck page for more information.


Stainless Steel Racking

Bespoke stainless steel racking can transform the efficiency and look of a laboratory freezer or cold room. With numerous advantages over aluminium, we offer premium grade stainless steel in a myriad of sizes and shapes, all measured and designed to fit your needs perfectly. Visit our stainless steel racking page for more information.



Disposable plastics are currently a necessity in laboratories. Here at Elkay have found a recycling solution to offer those customer who are concerned about the disposal of these plastics with the minimum impact on our environment. View our recycling page for further details.


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

For companies seeking to expand their own product portfolio, looking for a specific consumable to add to a diagnostic or even an instrumentation company wishing to sell their 'own' consumables, if we have a particular product or group of products you would like us to produce with your own label, please get in touch. Further information can be found on our OEM page.



On-Line Shopping


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