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Elkay Recycling Program

As a supplier of products that are mostly non-biodegradable, disposable plastic, we see that we have a duty to aid in the recycling of any materials that are suitable. Therefore, we have formed an alliance with a specialist laboratory waste recycling company, to help our customers dispose of Polypropylene pipette tip racks, lids and packaging.

Working together, we are able to offer our customers:

✓ Free collections for 4 or more bags supplied by Elkay

✓ Free bins (subject to a certain volume

✓ A low maintenance, reliable recycling solution

What’s required? Simple...all tip racks to be recycled have been supplied by Elkay.

What now? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Call us on 01256811118 to discuss your collection criteria.

2. Tell us exactly where the spent racks are to be collected from.

3. We can then agree a collection rota & issue a Waste Transfer Note.

Recycling FAQs

Q.What should I store my used racks in?A. Please put the racks back in their original packaging unless a bag or bin has been provided.

Q. Can I also recycle the rack lid?A. Yes.

Q.Can I recycle my used tips?A. No, only the racks and lids are accepted for recycling.