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We know it can sometimes be difficult finding what you want, so we've tried to design our website so its easy to navigate to what you are looking for via the buttons on the left of our webpage. We have categorised our products to reflect their positions in our very popular printed catalogue. To help even further, below is a breakdown of our products with links to their respective pages. We hope you find what you are looking for!


Liquid Handling  
  Automation Grade Pipette Tips
  Culture Pipettes
  Filter Pipette Tips
  Gel Pipette Tips
  Liquipette® Transfer Pipettes
  RefillPro Tip Reload System
  Repeat Dispensers
  Repeat Dispenser Syringes
  Brand Transferpette S Mechanical Micropipettes
  Sartorius Midi Plus Pipette Controller
  Sartorius mLINE® Mechanical Micropipettes
  Sartorius Picus Electronic Micropipettes
  Sartorius Pipettor Stands
  Sartorius Pipette Tips
  Sartorius Proline® Plus Mechanical Micropipettes
  Sartorius Prospenser Plus Bottle Top Dispenser
  Sartorius Tacta® Mechanical Micropipettes
  Standard Pipette Tips
Test Tubes, Vials & Caps  
  2D Coded Tubes
  15ml Centrifuge Tubes
  50ml Centrifuge Tubes
  Analyser Sample Cups
  Cryogenic Storage Vials with External Threads
  Cryogenic Storage Vials with Internal Threads
  Cryovial® Cap Inserts
  Cuvette Caps
  Cuvette Rack
  Dilu-Vial® Sample Vial
  Elkay Standard Plastic Cuvettes
  Ezee-Filter™ Separator
  Ezee-topper™ Caps
  Flange Plug Tite Caps
  FlipTube® Microcentrifuge Tubes
  Microcentrifuge Tubes
  Plastic Test Tubes - Non Sterile
  Plastic Test Tubes - Sterile
  Press Overfit Caps
  Press Snap Caps
  Ribbed Plug Tite Micro Caps
  Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes
  Screw Caps
  Snap Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes
  Storage Vials
  Transport Tubes
  TriCap™ Universal Fit Cap
  UV Plastic Cuvettes
Specimen Collection  
  Leakbuster™ Containers
  Specimen Containers
  Transport Tubes
  General Use Tubes and Containers
  Vacutest® Urine Collection System
Plates, PCR & Sealing  
  24 & 48 Well Plates 
  96 Well Plates
  Racked Microtubes
  PCR Plates
  PCR Strip Tubes
  PCR Microtubes
  Plate Lids
  Reagent Reservoirs
  Sealing Accessories
  Sealing Film
  Sealing Foil
  Sealing Mats
Pump Tubing  
  Accu-rated™ PVC - 2 Bridge
  Accu-rated™ PVC - 3 Bridge
  Accu-rated™ PVC with Flared Ends
  Acid Flexible
  ICP 3 Bridge
  PVC 2 Bridge
  PVC Lengths 15M
  Solvent Flexible
Racking, Storage & Boxes  
  Histology Storage Systems
  Plastic Tube Racks
  Stainless Steel Racking
  Storage Boxes
Labstuff® Essentials  
  Autoclave Tape
  Biohazard Bags
  Ezee™ Filter Syringe Filters
  Laboratory Tape
  Stericup™ Sterile Filter Device
  Weigh Boats & Reagent Basins