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2D Barcoded Tube System

Biobanking, Transfusion Medicine, Compound Management, Forensics   

Elkay (UK) have partnered exclusively in the UK with LVL Technologies to offer you a range of reliable 2D Bar-Coded Tubes in volumes from 200µl up to 4,000µl and associated accessories.  The tubes are suitable for low temperature storage down to -196°C and are ideal for most laboratory testing and subsequent long-term storage requirements. 

By storing information both horizontally and vertically, 2D Barcodes have significant advantages over horizontal 1D barcodes, both in terms of much greater data stored within the barcode and also the speed at which the barcode can be read. Both can be a significant advantage within a laboratory environment and so 2D Barcoded Tubes are most certainly the way forward with high throughput screening. 

Here, we offer a small number of standard items which you can buy on-line. (UK only).  The total offering runs to many hundreds of tube sizes, cap options, rack and cap colours, barcoding locations, sterility, rack material etc. Whatever options suit the needs of your project or business.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements further either via our online Enquiry Form (as 'sample request'), email on: [email protected].

Know what you're looking for? Jump straight to our online product pages:

2D Barcoded Tubes in Racks


2D Tube Accessories

2D Barcode Readers 

LVL SAFE® Store Aliquots For Ever


  • Easy removal from sample container
  • Problem-free aliquoting
  • Minimum risk of cross-contamination
  • Rapid opening and closing of containers
  • Samples reliably assigned without labels
  • Quick, error-free identification of samples

Sample Quality and Quantity

  • Best possible sealing of the selected closure option at cryo-temperatures and room temperature
  • Best possible sealing during transport under negative pressure ratios
  • High purity of the sample container
  • Lowest possible concentration of bioactive compounds in the plastic use


  • Thermostability of the containers and receptacles
  • Space-saving storage
  • Problem-free transfer to stores, even with automated storage systems


  • Maximum code security
  • Unique coding
  • Optimal legibility even at cryo-temperatures
  • Optional code redundancy 

 Download the LVL 2D Long-term Sample Storage Catalogue

LVL 2d long term sample storage catalogue image

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