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LVL 2D Barcoded Tube System

Racked Tubes and Multichannel Decapper

            2D Code

JULY 2019

NEW – 2D Barcoded Tubes – in Biobanking, Transfusion Medicine, Compound Management, Forensics  

Elkay (UK) have partnered exclusively with LVL Technologies to offer you a large range of 2D Bar-Coded Tubes in volumes 300ul up to 4000ul and a choice of internal or external threaded caps.   All are suitable for low temperature storage down to -196C and so ideal for most laboratory testing and subsequent storage requirements. 

By storing  information both horizontally and vertically 2D Barcodes have significant advantages over horizontal 1D barcodes, both  in terms of much greater data stored within the barcode and also the speed at which the barcode can be read.  Both can be a significant advantage within a laboratory environment and so 2D Barcoded Tubes are most certainly the way forward with high throughput screening.

Recognising user preferences in cap design, we offer individual push caps, 96 push cap mats, as well as internal and external threaded caps. These caps are available either loose or racked to suit our range of mechanical and electronic capper/decappers.  We also offer a UK manufactured scanner if required however the tubes can be read by other branded scanners on the market today.

To discuss this amazing range with an Elkay (UK) representative, whether you currently use this type of tube or are thinking about a 2D barcode system, please complete the Enquiry Form (as a Sample Request), email [email protected] with your contact details or call us on 01256 811118.

Pushmats available in multiple coloursExternal Threaded Cap

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