Brand Transferpette S

Precision workmanship, high grade materials, "Made in Germany" quality – it’s what you see on first glance and appreciate every time you use the new Transferpette® S. In your hand, you will experience the finer points of the design. A slim grip fits comfortably and securely in any hand – right, left, big or small. It is lightweight and balanced, with short operating paths for comfort, even in extended pipetting sessions. All functions, from volume setting and pipetting to tip ejection can be performed single-handed without changing your grip. This intuitive design allows for comfortable, efficient operation, essential for lengthy pipetting tasks. The newly designed volume-change protection of the Transferpette S prevents inadvertent volume changes, thus providing additional reliability and reproducibility of results. It is easy to operate, even when wearing gloves, and clearly shows whether the volume setting is secured. 

Narrow centrifuge tubes? Thanks to the slim shaft of the Transferpette S, you can easily pipette into 15ml conical tubes, among others. Wiping down the pipette is easy, as the shaft tucks inside the handgrip for smooth surfaces. Experience how simple, easy and efficient pipetting can be with the new Transferpette S, and find the right single- or multi-channel pipette for your application on the following pages.

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