Micropipettes / Brand Transferpette S Single Channel Pipettor, 1000-10,000µl

Brand Transferpette S Single Channel Pipettor, 1000-10,000µl

Product Description

The single-channel pipettes cover a wide volume range from 0.1μl to 10ml. Pipettes with small nominal volumes provide high precision for small-volume applications such as those found in molecular biology, e.g. for pipetting enzymes. 

Large nominal volumes are used for water and environ-mental analysis, for example, where durability is critical. For standardised applications with specific volumes, we offer economical fixed volume models.

See literature for full accuracy details.

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Product Features List:

  • Efficient one-hand operation
  • Flexible ergonomic design for every hand
  • Reliable volume-change protection prevents accidental adjustments 

  • Universal tip cone 

  • Completely autoclavable at 121°C 

  • Color-coded pipette accents make pipette and tip selection easy 

  • Easy mounting and ejection of tips with O-rings on multi-channel pipettes 

  • 3-year warranty for single-channel pipettes 

Transferpette S Brochure - 1.66 mb