Pipette Tips

Elkay pipette tips are designed to fit and function on a wide variety of single or multichannel pipettes as well as automated workstations in both research and routine laboratories.

Consistent Quality

The finest grade Polypropylene raw material, state-of-the-art mould design and modern production techniques ensure that the optimum sealing and straightness of the tip are met on every occasion.

Fit and Function

In order to reduce operator fatigue in manual liquid handling, Elkay pipette tips require minimal force to load and eject during use. Automation grade tips must be capable of fitting single and multichannel heads tightly with a 100% success rate... anything less is unacceptable.

More Choice

Extended length tips, improved design automation-grade tips and low-binding technology in our filter tips means that Elkay continues to offer customers a broader range of product whatever the application.

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