Filter Pipette Tips

Elkay filter (or barrier) pipette tips protect in two ways. By guarding the tip cone from aerosol contamination or by protecting the sample in the tip from contaminated pipettes. Low binding plastics create a hydrophobic surface on the inner wall which minimises sample binding. Ideal for PCR applications.

Contamination resulting from sample adhesion on the tip wall or aerosols generated by pipetting
action can adversely affect subsequent reactions and lead to inaccurate results. To reduce the effect of sample binding, Elkay utilise a proprietary bonded polymer which creates a hydrophobic surface that lowers the surface tension between the sample and the tip material. No additives are used and the polymer is both chemically resistant and inert. This ensures there is no leaching and that samples will not be affected by most common laboratory solvents such as acetone and chloroform.

All Elkay filter tips are manufactured from premium-grade virgin polypropylene and are supplied RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen free. This high-quality combination ensures scientists the peace of mind that they are not compromising sample integrity.

Typical shelf life of Sterile Filter Tips is 3 years from manufacture.

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