Sartorius Picus® 2 Electronic / Picus® 2 Single Channel Electronic Pipettor, 50-1000µl

Picus® 2 Single Channel Electronic Pipettor, 50-1000µl

Product Description

The Picus® 2 pipettes ensure reliable and repeatable pipetting results with unbeatable ergonomic design that is kind to your hand. Picus® 2 is the tool of choice for everybody from a student to an experienced laboratory professional. It is as intuitive to use as a mechanical pipette and yet offers a broad range of options even for the most advanced users.

Picus® 2 saves you time in the lab with a wide selection of pipetting modes and customisable programs for every need. The most frequently used modes with specified settings can be saved on your device for a quick and easy access whereas safety features like password protection and calibration reminders will enhance your compliance. By connecting Picus® 2 to your mobile device, you can use Sartorius pipetting mobile app to smoothly run sample preparation workflows and adjust the pipette setting automatically taking your productivity to the next level.

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Product Features List:

  • Highest level of ergonomics provided by uniquely low weight, light electronic tip ejection and comfortable handle design
  • Extensive range of pipetting modes reduces needed pipetting steps and speeds up work
  • Electronic break and piston control system provides outstanding accuracy and repeatability of pipetting results
  • Intuitive user interface with language options for ease of use
  • Adjustment wheel offers extremely fast volume setting and menu navigation
  • Optiload enables perfect tip sealing for accurate delivery from each channel
  • Safe-Cone Filters help prevent the risk of contamination cost-effectively when using standard tips
  • Microwell plate tracker guides the user to pipette into the correct wells
  • Calibration adjustment in 1, 2 or 3 points
  • Sample preparation workflows can be run by connecting with mobile app, and adjust pipetting settings automatically through the app
  • Open connectivity interface allows Picus® 2 to connect to an existing system
  • Optional 2-level password protection for stored programs to prevent unauthorised changes
  • Pipette locking increases lab safety by disabling the pipette from use, e.g. in case of contamination
  • Service and calibration reminders help the users to remember important service dates
  • Repeated blow-out helps to dispense the last droplets of liquids, such as viscous liquids
  • Rechargeable battery: Li-Polymer with protection circuit, 3.7 V | 350 mAh

Lower parts, 121 °C, 20 min, 1 bar
Number of Channels:

Picus® 2 Technical Datasheet