Sartorius Picus Electronic / Picus 8-Channel Electronic Pipettor, 10-300µl

Picus 8-Channel Electronic Pipettor, 10-300µl

Product Description

Sartorius Picus is the award winning electronic pipette created with the user in mind. It is the smallest and lightest electronic pipette on the market which helps technicians reduce the likelihood of pipetting related symptoms like RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). The Picus handle design and location of operation buttons ensures comfortable pipetting. The Picus also incorporates electronic tip ejection, and a one hand-operated volume adjustment wheel. Repetitive and time consuming pipetting can be done accurately and fast with serial dispensing modes and a new Tracker – great help for example in microplate work. Due to an advanced DC-motor concept and built-in error control the Picus pipette also ensures the most accurate and precise pipetting results. 

Pipetting modes available in all Picus models:  Pipetting, Reverse Pipetting, Manual Pipetting, Multi Dispensing, Diluting, Sequential Dispensing, Multi Aspiraion, Titrating

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Product Features List:

  • Light weight, ergonomic design and electronic tip ejection helps reduce RSI risk
  • Advanced technology and error control system helps ensure unbeatable accuracy, precision and more reliable results.
  • Save time with one-hand adjustment, a unique built-in microplate tracker and intuitive programming
  • Streamlined ergonomics with electronic tip ejection, adjustment wheel for scrolling menus, adjusting volume and controlling manual pipetting and feather light operating button
  • Store up to 10 programs easily in pipette memory
  • Unique Tracker in conjunction with pipetting, reverse pipetting and multi dispensing modes to help with microplate work
  • Adjustment possibility for 1-point, 2-points and 3-points
  • Safe-Cone filters in all models > 10 µl to prevent contaminations
  • Easy maintenance of lower parts with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) information integrated in software
  • Autoclavable lower parts in all models (excl. Lower parts of MCP 1200 µl)
  • Compatible with the Sartorius Biohit electronic pipette charging stands as well as direct charging option with micro USB cable
  • Multi-channel capabilities reduce pipetting times and increase workflow
  • 2-year warranty

Additional Information:
Incremental volume increases of 0.20µl
Yes - lower parts only
0.20% at 300µl, 0.30% at 150µl, 1.00% at 30µl
0.50% at 300µl, 0.70% at 150µl, 2.00% at 30µl
Number of Channels:

Sartorius Biohit Picus Brochure - 2.47 mb
Sartorius Biohit Picus User Manual - 2.47 mb