Sartorius MLine / Sartorius mLINE® 12-Channel Pipettor, 30-300µl

Sartorius mLINE® 12-Channel Pipettor, 30-300µl

Product Description

The mLINE ´m300´ multichannel channel pipettor offers a combination of excellent pipetting performance in an attractive ergonomic design. The mLINE range has been designed to meet the strictest performance and safety criteria. A unique rotating dispensing head ensures optimal pipetting convenience. These pipettors are sturdy yet light. They feature ultra light pipetting forces and tip ejection, which is made possible through its unique patented technology. Optiload brings to the mLINE spring-loaded tip cones and low-friction sealing to ensure tips go on easily with no rocking of the pipettor and are discarded easily. Thermal insulation of internal components helps maintain accuracy during prolonged use and a volume adjustment locking system mitigates against accidental volume changes. mLINEs are fully autoclavable without dismantling. Routine cleaning, maintenance and calibration are easily implemented.


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Product Features List:

  • The lowest pipetting forces on the market
  • Consistent results even in long pipetting series
  • Rotating dispensing head
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Optiload mechanism, developed by Biohit, for perfect tip sealing and effortless tip ejection
  • Volume locking button to prevent accidental volume change
  • Clear and easy-to-read display with large numbers and small increments
  • Thermal insulation of the internal components improves accuracy
  • High chemical and UV resistance
  • Volume range colour-coding for easy pipette and tip selection
  • Safe-Cone Filter to prevent contamination and damage of the pipette
  • Unique filter ejection mechanism
  • Individual tip/cone assembly for easy maintenance
  • 2-year warranty

Additional Information:
Manual Volume Setting
Yes (121°C)
1% at 30µl, 0.5% at 150µl, 0.25% at 300µl
2% at 30µl, 1% at 150µl, 0.6% at 300µl
Number of Channels:
Tip Ejector:
Optiload ejection (right or left handed)
Stepless adjustment with patented locking system

mLINE Brochure - 4.95 mb
mLINE User Manual - 4.95 mb